Below is a list of frequently asked questions – which we’re constantly adding to. It’d be worth reading through these to check if your question is on this list before contact our team


Where to find us...

Moy Country Fair, Moy Mains, Off the A9, IV13 7YQ

What if I'm arriving via public transport?

Let Admin know your travel arrangements and if you require a shuttle bus to site.

If shuttle is required, please let Admin know:-

  • Time of Arrival into Inverness on Friday
  • Time of Departure from Inverness on Sunday
  • Number of passengers (incl leaders)
  • Approximate amount of big kit (e.g. mess tents, marquees, any other bulky items)
  • Contact details for someone on the Public Transport (for our drivers to contact)

The Admin Team will assemble a Shuttle Bus timetable and will issue to groups arriving by public transport prior to the camp. If you attend to travel using public transport and require a shuttle bus, please email admin@cally-rally.org.uk

What to expect when you arrive on Site

When arriving on site you will be greeted by our Security Team. They will direct you to the Drop Off Zone or carpark area. You will then be directed to the Admin tent where all participants, leaders and visitors must sign in and out when entering or leaving the site. You will be given an information leaflet and your ID badges – which must be worn at all times onsite unless instructed by an Activity Leader.

A Camp Warden will then show the group to your camping pitch. The camping areas are flood light to assist with the pitching of tents.

Friday Evening – there will be evening activities for the participants to partake in once they have pitched their tents. Monsters Lair will be open for snacks throughout the evening. A leaders meeting is also held for all leaders on site to go over the plan for the camp.

Saturday – flag break followed by a morning of activities. There will be a break for lunch and then continue an afternoon of more activities. There is a Disco in the evening (theme TBC) for the participants and a leaders Quiz in the staff mess.

Sunday – Flag break followed by morning activities. Flag down at 1400 and Camp Closed at 1430.

Your group should bring equipment to be self-sufficient – while there are no restrictions on tent size we request that you try and keep your canvas to the minimum requirement. Mess tents are allowed and if you plan to bring a wood burning stove (no open fires unfortunately) please email admin@cally-rally.org.uk so we can pitch your group in an appropriate location. The camp provides taps for drinking water and toilet facilities and there will be hand sanitizing stations around the campsite.

What activities are available?

We offer a wide range of activities including various Water Activities (kayaking, canoeing, bell boating, and raft building), Mountain Biking, Archery, Back Woods Cooking and the ever-popular Slip and Slide Hockey! Your activity group will be carefully selected to ensure that your are with at least one person from your troop / unit, and we ensure that you will not be participating in activities you didn’t give permission to undertake in your application.

What is the Camp layout?

We are excited to welcome you all to our new camp site in Moy. The layout of our new site is shown below which should hopefully help you find your way, but please get in touch with Admin if you have any questions.

As ever, our Site Services Team will be working really hard in the run up to the camp, and after the event to pack everything away. We would appreciate if you could take care of all of the facilities on the site, and be courteous to our new neighbours.

What catering is availble?

The Camp is not catered for the participants. Participants / Groups are expected to cater for themselves throughout the camp.

Please note that Saturday lunch will not be provided this year.

Leaders have the option of fully catered or non-catered.

Monster’s Lair will be open from Friday night to Sunday morning, and has a selection of hot food, sweet treats, selection of fresh fruit, and drinks.

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