Following a fantastic Cally Rally 2018 we have decided to keep to similar programme activities with some exciting new additions. This year there is no need to make activity choices as we will be allocating the programme to the Scouters and Guiders based on numbers attending the camp. This is to ensure  maximum enjoyment to all over the weekend. After the camp application closing date we will finalise the activity allocations and contact all group leaders to inform them of the individual activity allocations. All you need to do is sit back and count down the days until Cally Rally 2019!!

We have a combination of land and water activities at Cally Rally - look below for descriptions of each activity:

Water Activities

Cruising - Drive a motorised cruiser in the surroundings of the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness and possibly catch a gilmpse of the Loch Ness Monster

Sailing - Experience the thrill of sailing by wind in either a single handed or two person dinghies in the tranquil surrounds of Loch Dochfour and Dores bay

Kayaking - Come try your hand at traditional kayaking in single seat kayaks on the canal and Loch Dochfour. We have three different groups - beginners, intermediate and advanced

Canadian Canoeing - Learn the skills of open Canadian canoeing while experiencing a scenic trip down the canal to Loch Dochfour

Bell Boating - a real team building challenge

Land Activities

4x4 Off Road Driving
- Drive a Land Rover over an Off Road Course under professional instructions.

Crate Building - How high can you build a stack of crates? You will be attached to a safety rope as you climb the stack and place the crates one on top of each other as they are handed to you.

Paracord Base - See what you can make with paracord

Team Games - A variety of team games to make you think and work together in a team

Mountain Biking
- Try your hand at mountain biking. You will learn a new set of skills

Slip & Slide
- Slide your way down slope trying to win the prizes as you travel downwards

Aerial Runway - Experience the thrill of flying through the air at speed.

Trading Post - As a member of a small group, how good is your Scouting/Guiding skills and trading are you? Is your group the best at trading over the weekend?

iCally - Ever wanted to be a film director, camera operator or film editor? Now is your chance?

Archery - Get instruction in archery, shoot at targets and win prizes.

Backwoods Cooking - You've herd of gourmet beef burgers…how about a grunt rabbit burger?

Incident Walk - You will be part of CSAR (Cally Search and Resue Team) and will have to find and save an injured person.

Fly Casting - Receive professional instruction in fly casting and learn the different kind of casts.

Clays - Following a safety brief you will be shown how a gun works, gun maintenance and try your hand at Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Tums, Thumbs & Thighs - Try you had at cake decorating followed by a quick game on a games console. Then a quick fire aerobics DVD to finish the activity off.

Inflatables - Walk on Water Balls, Bungee Run and Bouncy Castle are all there for you to have a bounce on.

Water Challenge - Learn what people in other countries have to go through to get clean drinking water and win the challenge against another team.

Assault Course - Design and build your own challenging assault course for you and your team to get around.

Highland Games - Toss the caber, throw the wellies, long jump, tug-o-war, bale carrying race - who will be crowned the Highland Chieftain?

Projectiles* - Make your own inventions to launch objects long distances and use a three man slingshot.

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